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Introducing the Timberland Big Jake 4000 Scragg System & Auto-Edger

The Timberland Big Jake 4000 Scragg System is a Sharp Chain Scragg that is designed to handle lower grade logs and process them into cut stock.  Only one operator is required to operate this efficient system.  The operator loads the log onto the turner, positions the log, chooses the set width, and lets it go.


From there, the computer takes over.  The two slabs are separated from the log by circle saws and tailing belts.  From there, the two-sided cant is automatically turned flat-side-down.  Then, this cant automatically moves forward and is clamped, centered, and sensed for width.  The two circle saws then automatically set for the correct width.


The Timberland Big Jake Auto-Edger is designed for speed, ease-of-use, and high production.  Note how simple the operator's job is.  Just make sure the slab is flat-side down.  Then the slab is automatically fed into the edger, centered, measured, then sawn.  The saws adjust automatically based upon the width of the slab to create more yield.


These systems are fast and efficient, and are built to withstand years of heavy-duty use.  For more information call our office at 800-237-6880 or click the link to send an email.

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